San Diego Campus for Animal Care

Our firm was retained separately by both San Diego County and the San Diego Humane Society with the intention of constructing two different facilities on separate sites. After developing programs for each facility, we proposed an alternative organizational arrangement whereby both clients would co-locate on the same site. Following evaluations of sites throughout the area, a decision was reached to construct on the current Animal Control “Central” site. Our design provides a 3 phase project which allowed San Diego County Animal Control to operate on the existing site (Phase I) while their new facility was completed. Phase II included demolition of the existing facility, completion of the visitor parking area and creation of a building pad for the San Diego Humane Society (Phase III). While designed as completely separate facilities, the two organizations share classrooms and a unique, public intake facility operated by staff from both facilities. In addition, a common entry courtyard creates a sense of unity around which is organized all the main public entrances. The County Animal Control facility houses 149 dogs and 151 cats. The San Diego Humane Society features a full service clinic, extensive humane education classrooms and state-of-the-art Dog and Cat Adoption Habitats with a focus on socialization and training.

Facts & Figures

SAN DIEGO, California

Animal Care Facilities


Animal Care 38,300 sf

Humane Society 44,000 sf


Animal Control $8 million

Humane Society $6.1 million



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